There are very stringent requirements on the non-metallic aspects of products and components found in our drinking water systems.

For the United Kingdom and Ireland, BS 6920 testing is undertaken to ensure all non-metallics in contact with potable water does not affect water quality in anyway. A change in potable water includes any effect on the flavour and appearance of the water, as well as introducing toxic substances and promoting microbial growth.

These are assessed through the following test methods:

  • Odour & flavour
  • Growth of microorganisms
  • Appearance
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Extraction of metals

It can be extremely difficult to source a suitable material for your products and as such, not only can In Compliance support you in getting a BS6920 test report but we are also able to work with you and your suppliers on creating alternative materials.

What may seem like a simple change such as colour or shore hardness, can cause failures in the materials at testing. For this reason, working with our consultancy team can be a great step in reducing risk when assessing and changing any product or material.

2019, Ruth Manning

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